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6 tips on how to choose an orthodontist

Despite technological advances in dentistry, orthodontic treatments still require expertise and years of experience to deliver beautiful smiles. Not all Toronto orthodontists are equal. So, how do you choose the best orthodontist in Toronto?

How do I choose a great orthodontist?

When choosing the best orthodontist for you, focus on your needs. First, search for an orthodontist near you and create a list. Second, analyze each orthodontist on your list based on your dental needs and budget. Here are the top six tips on how to choose an orthodontist:

Check Qualification: All orthodontic treatments should be performed by a certified orthodontist. Ask your orthodontist about their training and degrees. Do they fulfill all educational requirements? For example, Dr. Emel Arat has a Ph.D. in Orthodontics. Qualified orthodontists offer professional orthodontic care, reducing treatment time and providing the best results possible.

Analyze Accessibility: Check whether the orthodontist offers flexible appointments, convenient for your schedule. Ensure your family orthodontist is accessible during typical working hours. Search for “orthodontists near me.” Then, choose the best orthodontist in Toronto, like Leaside Orthodontic Centre.

Check Online Reviews: Reputable review sites capture patients’ experiences and sentiments, including the quality of orthodontic treatments. Remember, the goal of wearing braces or Invisalign® is to improve aesthetics and function. Focus on reviewers’ satisfaction with the final result and choose an orthodontist with high positive reviews.

Enquire about treatment options: Experienced orthodontists offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments, from Invisalign® aligners to traditional braces. Whether you seek Invisalign® or braces, your orthodontist should be well experienced with these treatment methods.

Consider Cost and Payment Plans: The best orthodontist for you should fit your budget. During an orthodontic consultation, inquire about the cost and payment plans. Choose an orthodontist who offers affordable and flexible payment options. If you have a dental insurance plan, your policy may cover treatment by a specialist orthodontist.

Visit the Orthodontic Clinic: Orthodontists are long-term partners. Some orthodontists only look good on paper. It is best to visit the clinic for an in-person orthodontic evaluation and consultation. Is the clinic clean and organized? Is the staff friendly and skilled?

What does an orthodontist need to know?

Orthodontic specialists require accurate information to diagnose, prevent, and treat dental and facial irregularities. Provide your medical history, age, and dental needs during an orthodontic consultation. This session can also help you determine whether the orthodontist can straighten your teeth and improve smile aesthetics and function.

What is the best age for braces?

Braces are ideal for all ages. This orthodontic treatment exerts pressure on strategic points to correct crooked teeth and help correct bite issues. Although it is common for children and teens to undergo orthodontic treatment. Nowadays, many adults wear braces or Invisalign® to straighten their teeth. If you’re looking for an orthodontist for your child or yourself, choose a specialist in children or adult orthodontic care. You can visit the office with your child to see how they interact with the orthodontist and staff.

How many years does it take to be an orthodontist?

First, a dentist and orthodontist are not the same. Both must attend an accredited undergraduate school for about four years before going to dental school for another four years. But orthodontists require additional training for 2-3 years in an orthodontics residency program. They must pass several exams to fulfill educational requirements and obtain a license to practice. So, it takes around 10-11 years of formal university education to become a certified orthodontic specialist.

Leaside Orthodontic Centre Staff Members

Are orthodontists in high demand?

It takes over 10 years of higher education to become an orthodontist. So, the demand for orthodontic treatments can surpass the supply of orthodontists. To ensure continuity in your treatment and care, it is best to stick with one orthodontist for your entire treatment. Choose Leaside Orthodontic Centre, the best orthodontist in Toronto for you and your family.


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