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Leaside Orthodontic Centre - Emel Arat's Team

Removable Appliances

There is a wide variety of removable appliances used in orthodontics. You should wear these appliances as prescribed; otherwise they would not provide the desired treatment outcome.

Please note that it takes a few days to get used to a new orthodontic appliance.

Saliva: You will produce excessive amount of saliva in the first few days. That is expected. The amount of saliva will go back to its normal level after a few days.

Speech: Your speech will be affected by your appliance. It might be difficult to pronounce some words. You will get used to speak with it in a couple of days. Exercise speaking frequently by reading out-loud.

Care: You need to remove your appliance when you are eating. After you eat, brush your teeth with toothbrush + toothpaste and brush your appliance with toothbrush ONLY.

Please remove your appliances when EATING, BRUSHING, PLAYING CONTACT SPORTS or SWIMMING. And wear it as soon as possible. Do not forget, orthodontic appliances work if they are in your mouth.

Place your appliance in the retainer case as soon as you remove it. DO NOT WRAP IN A NAPKIN. DO NOT PUT IT INTO YOUR POCKET.


Fixed Appliances

Fixed appliances such as braces and bonded expanders are temporarily placed in your mouth during orthodontic treatment. You may need a couple of days to get used to your new appliances.

In the initial appointment, we will show you all the parts of the fixed appliance and review the names of the parts of the appliance.

Brushing and flossing: It is very important that you brush and floss your teeth regularly during orthodontic treatment to prevent sore-swollen gums, decay or white spots on permanent teeth. We will review flossing and brushing with you at the time of the placement of fixed appliances and monitor your progress in every appointment.

Care: You may initially experience some discomfort with your fixed appliances such as irritation of lips and cheeks, ligatures coming off the brace while eating sticky foods, broken braces or loose bands while eating hard foods. Some problems are preventable; some problems can be taken care of by you.

Please refer to following link for further information:

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