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Welcome to Leaside Orthodontic Centre, the ultimate destination for all things related to clear aligners for teeth. Headed by the renowned Dr. Emel Arat, our centre specializes in everything from the Invisalign process to ClearCorrect treatment. With the plethora of treatment options available today, why are clear aligners becoming the crowd favorite? Let's deep dive into the benefits of this groundbreaking orthodontic treatment.

What are clear aligners?

A clear aligner is a modern orthodontic device designed to adjust and straighten teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces with wires and brackets, clear aligners are virtually invisible, tailor-made trays crafted from high-grade, transparent plastic material. They are custom-fitted to an individual's dental structure, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Over time, the aligner gently shifts teeth into their desired position. A series of these aligners is typically used throughout treatment, with each tray making incremental adjustments to the teeth's position. Due to their discreet appearance, clear aligners are a popular choice among adults and teenagers alike, who are looking for a more aesthetic orthodontic solution. Additionally, these aligners are removable, facilitating easy brushing, flossing, and eating without any hindrance.

No More "Ouch" Moments!:


  1. Traditional braces can sometimes be a cause for dental discomfort. But with clear teeth aligners, discomfort during orthodontic treatment is substantially reduced. It's a gentler approach to straightening your teeth without the sharp bits and pieces.

  3. See Less of Us (We Promise, We Won’t Take It Personally): One of the perks of opting for clear aligners near me is that you'll need fewer clinical appointments. This streamlined invisalign process means less time in the dental chair and more time showcasing your evolving smile.

  4. Remote Control Smile: Sounds futuristic, right? With advancements in clear correct aligners, Dr. Arat can remotely monitor your treatment progress. You get real-time feedback, making adjustments based on how your treatment is progressing. No more waiting for your next appointment to catch up!

  5. Brush, Floss, Repeat with Ease: Clear aligners can be easily popped out, allowing you to brush and floss seamlessly. This means maintaining good oral hygiene becomes a breeze.

  6. Wave Goodbye to Wires: Clear aligner treatment means there are no fixed orthodontic wires in your mouth. This, in turn, reduces the risk of dental cavities, making it a stellar option when considering orthodontic treatment plans.

Stealth Level: Expert: One of the best things about invisible aligners like Invisalign and ClearCorrect is that they're, well, invisible. They give you the freedom to undergo treatment without anyone being the wiser.

Digital Forward: At Leaside Orthodontic Centre, treatment plans aren't crafted on mere estimations. We leverage digital planning, mapping out your entire clear aligner journey, ensuring precise and efficient results.

Sneak Peek Into the Future: Before starting your aligner journey, our team provides an evaluation, letting you visualize your anticipated smile transformation.

Ditch Ortho Emergencies: With clear aligners for teeth, orthodontic emergencies like broken brackets are things of the past. Your aligner treatment is smooth sailing from start to finish.

Eat What You Love: Who said straightening your teeth means giving up on your favorite foods? With clear aligners, there are absolutely no diet restrictions. Chew on!

Quick Turnaround Time: Using top-of-the-line digital scanners, we make sure your clear aligners are fabricated pronto. The faster we craft them, the sooner you embark on your smile journey.

Seamless Dentist Communication: Our team ensures post-orthodontic restoration planning is a cinch. We communicate swiftly with other dentists and orthodontists to guarantee your overall dental health.

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