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Clear Aligners - Invisalign - Instructions

Clear aligners are custom orthodontic appliances and work beautifully when these instructions are followed:

1) Wear your aligners full time – that is 22 hours per day.

2) Remove your aligners when you are eating and/or drinking. Only water is allowed with your aligners.

3) Keep your aligners clean by brushing them with a toothbrush before putting them in your mouth.

4) Keep good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

5) Do not miss your orthodontic appointments - the frequency of your orthodontic visits is customized for your unique needs.

6) Accept the aligners as part of your daily routine. The improvement of your bite depends on your compliance.

Please note that:

It is normal and temporary to have small irritations in the soft tissues (ie. the gums). You could use an emery board to file any sharp aligner edges down.

It is normal to have a slight lisp at the beginning of treatment. You will get better at speaking with time.

It is normal to have a lot of saliva initially. Saliva production will go back to normal levels once you get used to the aligners.

It is normal to feel tightness for a couple days. This will go away with continuous use.

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