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We recently treated a teenage patient at Leaside Orthodontic Centre who had extensive tooth wear on his lower front teeth and a severe deep overbite. We tailored his treatment plan from the beginning to the end using LightForce custom clear braces, the newest and most effective orthodontic appliances available.

Every patient is given the best care possible because of Dr. Arat's individualized approach. Our patients learn the value of wearing their elastics, making their planned checkups, and practicing proper dental hygiene thanks to her kind teaching. Achieving successful results requires this encouraging direction.

Our patient, a dedicated competitive soccer player, diligently followed his customized treatment plan. In just two years, he achieved a beautiful and functional bite, enhancing both his smile and his overall dental health. One smile at a time, the outstanding orthodontic care we offer at Leaside Orthodontic Centre changes people's lives.

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Treatment Simulation

We at Leaside Orthodontic Centre are pleased to provide our patients with the newest advancement in orthodontic care: personalized, 3D printed clear ceramic braces. These transparent braces offer a highly personalized and successful treatment option because they are meticulously created to fit each patient's specific dental structure. 

Dr Emel Arat, one of Toronto’s best orthodontists, delivers the most efficient and precise orthodontic care available using this advanced braces system. Clear custom braces offer a discreet option with optimal results through their tailored design.

Knowing the distinctions between the various orthodontic treatment choices is crucial when thinking about getting orthodontic treatment. Dr. Arat conducts thorough consultations with her patients, reviewing the pros and cons of clear custom braces versus Invisalign and clear custom braces versus traditional metal braces. Based on their unique requirements and preferences, patients can make well-informed decisions regarding their treatment programs with the assistance of this thorough review.

A thorough cost analysis of clear braces and Invisalign is also provided by Dr. Arat prior to the start of services. Patients are guaranteed to understand exactly what it takes to get a gorgeous, functional smile thanks to this openness.

At Leaside Orthodontic Centre, we are dedicated to transforming smiles through the use of state-of-the-art technology and individualized care. Discover the benefits of custom 3D printed clear ceramic braces and start your journey towards a healthier, more confident smile today.

Patient's Reaction

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